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Memphis Car Audio: Everything You Need to Know

Memphis Audio has been providing top-notch audio systems, video, and mobile electronics to Memphis for over 50 years. Located in the beautiful Tennessee Valley, Memphis Car Audio is a family-owned company that specializes in providing high quality car audio products and services. 

From installation of an integrated stereo system to bass upgrade or even professional speaker repair – it can provide you with the best service available. We pride ourselves on being able to serve all of your car electronics needs!

Is Memphis Car Audio a good brand?

memphis car audio

Memphis Audio is a company with its roots deep in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. With cuts for cars and trucks to bring higher quality music.

Yes! We think so – they have been making car audio products for over 50 years and continue to offer top of the line equipment that can be installed by either an expert or yourself! We love how much pride they take in their work which is why we recommend them as one of our favorite brands!

They have provided us with a number of great tools such as their wireless remote control which will allow you to take calls hands free while driving without skipping tracks like Pandora® Internet Radio or Spotify®.

You’ll also be able to access your phone’s GPS, listen to internet radio stations and store any number of audio files on the microSD card slot.

The sound of your car is important. It’s the first thing you notice when someone gets in, and it can be a make or break for that person wanting to ride with you again.

When we drive around town, we see people driving with tinny sounding speakers or even worse, no sound at all! 

How do they listen to music? 

Don’t they know how bad it sounds? 

We’re here to help fix that problem!

How much does Memphis speakers cost?

memphis car audio price

This will depend on what you’re looking for – whether it is a high-end speaker or just something that would work well as an aftermarket replacement. 

In general though, they are fairly affordable which makes them one of our favorite brands!

The cheapest option is a model that retails for about $450 which includes two woofers and four tweeters, while some models can cost up to $600 or more. 

You should consider your budget before purchasing Memphis equipment because it is an investment.

Who owns Memphis Audio?

who owns memphis car audio

Craig Yarbrough is the owner of Memphis Audio.

Where is Memphis Audio made?

Where is Memphis Audio made?

Memphis Audio is made in the USA. 

They are located right here in Memphis, Tennessee!

What does memphis audio do?

What does memphis audio do? ​

Memphis Audio has been making high quality audio products since 1965. Their goal is simple – give you better sounding music from your vehicle!

With their car stereos and speaker systems, we will provide the best possible experience on the road. 

Whether you have an old classic car or a new sports coupe, Memphis Audio will deliver great sound for years to come while leaving plenty of money left over in your wallet for gas!

Is Memphis a good subwoofer brand?

Is Memphis a good subwoofer brand?

It is a great brand for car subwoofers. They offer many different types of subs, including the popular single or dual voice coil configurations, as well as signature series and competition grade models. 

To make sure you’re getting the best fit for your vehicle’s needs they also take into account things like power handling, frequency response range (lowest to highest), RMS wattage rating, excursion limit per inch of travel in inches, peak power output per inch at Xwatts/inch^peak level and more!

For an excellent audio system that will provide all the bass you can handle Memphis Audio has got it covered with its awesome products. When looking through their product reviews on Amazon customers are left feeling confident with their purchase decision.

To find out more about Memphis Audio and all they have to offer make sure you visit today!

It is a car electronics company that provides an assortment of products for the automotive industry, including speakers, subwoofers, amps and much more. They believe in quality customer service and strive t o provide excellent products at affordable prices every time – something we can always get on board with! 

Their subs come in lots of different shapes sizes depending on your needs: single- or dual voice coil configurations as well as signature series competition grade models it’s easy to find what you’re looking for here.

How many watts is a good car stereo?

memphis audio

A good car stereo should cost around $300 to produce 300 watts of power, but some models can be as low as 100 watts.

It is an investment because it’s a way for you to upgrade your vehicle and make it sound like new again.

Memphis Audio speakers are one of the best brands on the market today with products ranging from 12 inch woofers to tweeters that come in packages of four or eight per speaker! 

There are several different price points including models costing up to six hundred dollars each so there’s sure something for everyone when considering Memphis Audio. 

The most popular model is comparable to 400 watt system which includes two woofs and four tweets while some more expensive models have dimensions comparable too 600 watt systems.

How many watts is a good car stereo?

When it comes to wire, the answer is neither. 

The way that you measure power in an electrical circuit is with voltage and current (amps). In this example we will use a hypothetical car audio system: two speakers rated at four ohms each.

You have two options for wiring them together; one option would be to run both wires from your amp straight into each speaker, which would give you a total of eight volts across those speakers but only half an amp flowing through them because they are not connected in parallel.

Consider then running one wire from the amplifier into Speaker A’s positive terminal and another wire from the negative terminal on Speaker B back to the amp. 

This configuration yields 16 volts across Speaker A and 16 volts across Speaker B, just as before but now the amp is providing two amps to each speaker.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this guide useful! Memphis Audio is a good brand that can be trusted to produce quality speakers. They are an American company and do not outsource their manufacturing overseas, so they are capable of producing high-quality products at reasonable prices without sacrificing any key features or design elements. 

These days it’s rare for companies to manufacture all of the parts in their product domestically, but there are still some who choose to invest back into the communities where their customers live instead of outsourcing jobs and production expenses elsewhere. 

Whether you’re looking for car gear or home audio equipment, we have your needs covered with our selection from top brands like JBL and Memphis Audio.

FAQ: Memphis Car Audio

How many watts is a Memphis 12?

A Memphis 12 consists of two six inch woofers and eight tweeters. This model is comparable to a 400 watt system, with each speaker measuring 600 milliwatts or so.

How much is a Memphis 12?

A Memphis 12 is $450.

Are Memphis amps good?

Memphis amps are one of the best options because they come with a three year warranty, which is rare among car audio companies. They also produce high-quality sound and are very durable.

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