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You may not know it, but your car battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

It’s what makes sure that all of the electrical components in your car work properly, including things like headlights and windshield wipers.

Your engine also needs a functioning battery to start up and run as well!

If you need help with this part of your car or want to learn more about how it works, keep reading for 10 things you need to know about the car audio battery!

What is Car Audio Battery

A car audio battery is a power source that runs on lead-acid. 

car audio battery

It provides the electricity necessary to operate your car’s sound system, lights and other electrical devices in order to make it as entertaining for you as possible.

You use the car audio battery to power your sound system, lights and other electrical devices.


Your car may also have a fuse panel in which you can install breakers that take over when it’s time for an upgrade or if there is excessive current drain on the battery.

The car audio battery provides electricity necessary to operate your vehicle’s sound system, lights, as well as various other electrical devices (such as air conditioner) so people will be able to enjoy their ride more than ever before! 

Many vehicles come equipped with fuses that help prevent damage from being done by excess voltage draw and installation of additional circuits such as amplifiers. 

You should always consult with professionals about installing these components because they are not only complex but also regulated by the National Electrical Code.

Why do I need a Car Audio Battery

Why do I need a car audio battery

The car audio battery is one of the most important electrical components in your vehicle. Its job is to supply power while you are driving and playing music on the radio, CD player or MP-player.

It also provides voltage for secondary systems such as headlights and other accessories that need electricity when not running off their own special circuits. 

The car audio battery supplies 12 volts DC current from a storage system composed of lead acid cells with plates made from lead oxide sealed by an electrolyte solution containing water and sulfuric acid to prevent them from leaking.

There are many reasons why it’s necessary:

  • To provide increased illumination at night time through the use of dome lights, courtesy lamps, map reading lamps etc.
  • To provide engine power to the starter motor.
  • To supply electrical current for selected car accessories such as heated seats and steering wheel, electric windows, rear window defogger.

How to Install a Car Audio Battery

Installation is a breeze.

First, use your socket wrench to remove the old battery from its housing area in the engine bay or under-the-hood compartment. 

Next, put on protective gloves and goggles before handling any new car audio batter; this will help prevent burns if acid gets into an open wound. 

Remove all connections (including negative cable) that are attached to the discharged battery with pliers or a screwdriver. 

This step may vary depending on what type of connection you have but it should be relatively easy for most people to figure out how they’re connected by looking at them closely and thinking about where each connector goes when connecting/disconnecting it. 

You can also consult your car’s owner manual to see what type of battery you have and how it is connected.

Next, attach the new car audio battery in its place by following the same steps as described above using pliers or screwdriver; be careful not to spill acid on yourself during this process! 

Once everything has been reattached, turn your key to start and allow your engine time to charge up for a few minutes before turning off again. 

Congratulations, you’re now ready for car audio bliss with all of these top tips!

When should I replace my Car Audio Battery

A car battery is typically charged by the engine while it’s running. 

When you shut off your vehicle, this shuts down the charging process and the remaining charge in your battery will slowly deplete over time until there’s no power left at all. 

This means that a healthy audio system can depend on an efficient working car battery to provide enough power whenever needed. 

##When should I replace my car audio battery

Learn when to replace your car audio battery with these simple steps:

  • Ask yourself how often you drive (in miles) each week or month. 

If you have more than 100 miles per day of driving, chances are good that every six months may be an appropriate interval for replacing the battery in your vehicle unless otherwise recommended by experts who service batteries on a regular basis. 

If you don’t drive more than 100 miles per day, replacing the battery in your vehicle could be as little as every two years.

  • Test to see if the audio system

Check if it has enough power by turning it on when driving and listening for a few seconds. 

If there is no sound, or only low volume levels, then chances are good that your car’s battery needs replacement.

  • Rely on the lights of an audio system with a dead battery 

This will tell you what kind of state it’s in; if all four lights light up brightly without delay after pressing one button, this indicates that at least some charge remains in your current car audio battery before requiring service or new installation. 

In contrast, if any number of buttons have been pressed, and the lights do not light up after about 15 seconds have passed without any audio playing, then there is very little charge left in your car’s battery.

  • Understand that a dead battery will eventually be replaced 

By your vehicle manufacturer to avoid serious damage or potential injury with overheating. 

If this does happen, make sure you don’t leave it uncharged for more than 24 hours at one time before recharging. 

Even if no power was used during this period of time, putting an empty battery back on the charger any sooner risks harming it permanently.

In general terms, installing a new car audio battery should take anywhere from 20 minutes max to around an hour and a half if the user is experienced at this task.

  • Best practice after installation 

That would be to make sure that all connections are tight, then use your car battery charger to measure how much time it takes for each cell of the new unit to charge up again before returning home or going out on another errand. 

A solid rule of thumb for most vehicles is 15 hours total from start (with as many cells in good working order) and you’ll find yourself with enough power stored away when you do go back out on the road once more.

The best way by far to avoid problems related not only to dead batteries but also other electrical systems such as radios, lights, etc. is not install any non-original car audio batteries or car power products.

It’s not uncommon for a new battery to be bigger than an older one, so customers should always make sure that the dimensions of the product they’re buying match those of their vehicle before doing anything else.

  • The best way to determine 

If your old unit is dead and needs replaced is by measuring its voltage with a multimeter–any reading below 12 volts means it has reached its end days as far as working goes and you’ll need to get another right away (just don’t forget about safety precautions like removing any jewlery). 

It might also help drivers figure out whether they have low voltage by checking how many dimmable lights are on in front of them at night given that headlights will only work.

Troubleshooting your new Car Audio Battery

One of the most common problems with car audio batteries is that they won’t charge. 

There are a number of reasons to this, from corrosion on the battery terminals to loose connections. 

Troubleshooting your new car audio battery

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take if your new car audio battery isn’t charging properly:

  • Check for any visible corrosion 

At all four terminal connectors by scraping it away and applying dielectric grease or petroleum jelly before reconnecting them securely. 

If necessary, clean off all the dirt and dust buildup underneath each connector as well.

  • Disconnect both negative cables first 

Then reconnect them last after checking in between for many crimps or wire damage under insulation tape (this may be caused by an electrical short).

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged. 

If it’s not, plug the charger in and give it a while to charge up.

– Make sure that you have enough power going from your alternator (or other charging source) to maintain an adequate voltage across the terminals of both negative cables when disconnected

In addition, we can also save our car audio battery by:

  • Turning off lights or accessories when they are not being used
  • Using headlights only on low beam 

Rather than high or fog light for long periods of time since these require more current. 

Turning off anything that’s not necessary inside a car if they’re left unattended such as radios or chargers/phones. 

You should do this especially during hot days when the car is parked in a place where it’s not shaded.

  • Making sure that your battery isn’t more than five years old
  • Checking if you need to tighten or replace any cables 

For better connection from terminal to terminal and also check the connections of all cables on both terminals. 

This will help charge up your car audio battery faster with less power loss. 

If there are broken wires, they should be replaced as soon as possible so that it does not affect future use.

  • Cleaning off corrosion between the terminals 

With sandpaper (if necessary) before connecting them together again after installation

How long does it take for my new car audio battery to charge up and work properly again after installation

It will take between 40 and 60 hours for your new battery to charge up. 

You’ll know it’s fully charged if the lights inside of the car go off when you turn on your headlights (these are called tell-tale lights). 

It may be less time depending on how long they were left in darkness, but that is still a good number to aim for with general use. 

If not, please consult an auto electrician or mechanic who specializes in this area!

car audio battery

After installation, most batteries should start out at about 50% power capacity level. 

This means that after only one hour of charging from a full discharge state, it can jump back up to 75%. 

As soon as more than half of the original factory capacities have been restored, it is considered fully charged.

If you are unsure of how long your car audio battery has been in use or whether it needs replacing, there are a few things you can do to find out definitively.

  1. Check with whoever sold you the car and purchase records for when they first installed the charger.
  2. Get on YouTube and watch some tutorials about checking battery life (search “checking my car’s battery” or something similar.
  3. Take off the panel near your brake pedal and check what brand name shows up on top of your old one so that you can know before buying a new one. The type will vary depending on make & model of the car.
  4. Watch out for battery life warnings and notifications on your dashboard while driving, which will be noted by a warning light or sign that reads “battery low.”
  5. When you’re done with these steps, replace the old one if it’s not holding charge anymore.

If something happened to your charger (accident, etc.) then you might need to call an expert like a mechanic or someone who knows about cars–yourself as well! 

You could also contact whoever sold you this car in order to find where they got it from originally so that they can help troubleshoot with their suppliers. 

Otherwise there are other places online where you can seek advice such as forums and chat rooms specific to different car brands and models.

If you have a car with the key fob, then try to lock it and unlock it again, you might just need to charge your battery back up!


With all the different car audio systems available, it’s important to have a reliable battery. 

If you’re not sure what kind of battery your system needs or want help installing one, we can help! 

Our team is ready and waiting to partner with you on a solution that will work for your unique situation. 

Let us know if any of these troubleshooting tips helped when trying to install the new Car Audio Battery in your vehicle.

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